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World's largest caraway producer

The seed

This is one caraway seed, taken from a bag containing thousands exactly alike. Consistently perfect in shape and flavour, they have conquered the world of bakeries, food, drink and spices industry – and many others.

How do we ensure the quality?

The Nordic fields

Located in Finland, our caraway fields enjoy the sun that shines day and night in the summer. It ripens the seeds particularly aromatic and rich in essential oil. The cool climate also helps to reduce the need for pesticides.

The adverse effects of monoculture are avoided by using effective crop rotation. Caraway actually improves the soil for other crops. With our optimized farming methods in the clean Nordic environment, we can ensure the purest end product with high oil content and low microbiological content, even size and colour as well as consistent quality.


crop rotation

preserving the soil

The farmer know-how

The backbone of our production is the network of contract farmers. Educated, professional and dedicated, they utilize the latest technology and continuously increase their know-how on caraway farming.

Nordic Caraway works in close collaboration with several agricultural research centres to further optimize the production and spread the knowledge. We also keep in touch with our contract farmers with regular training days, meetings and a monthly newsletter.

Most of the farmers
met and educated personally every year
in different occasions and training days

Innovative processing plants

The perfect seed came from the production lines of Nordic Caraway processing plants, where each seed is individually sorted and selected. Specialized to clean and process only caraway seeds and boasting state-of-the-art equipment not found anywhere else, these highly specialized plants are the world’s largest caraway seed producers and processors.

The product

Caraway can be found in a wide variety of products from foods to toothpaste. Breads, spice mixtures, sausages, cheeses, sauerkraut, even alcoholic beverages, fragrances and medicines – the aromatic caraway has many uses. It can be crushed or ground, distilled into oil or used as whole seeds. Whatever your need, Nordic Caraway can provide you with the highest quality caraway product.


Uniform in shape,
weight, colour, and


Production line only
handles caraway

The people

From contract farmers to our factory process operators, the people working for Nordic Caraway are dedicated to high quality caraway. We share the values of expertise and innovation as well as tidy and methodological way of working.


Nordic Caraway has the Food Safety System
Certification 22000.


Nordic Caraway products are also available as
certified organic.


Nordic Caraway is the world’s largest caraway producer and processor.

The story

In 2004, Nordic Caraway was founded by two caraway seeds companies Trans Farm Oy and Caraway Finland Oy who went together and shared a common vision: to produce and sell caraway seeds from Finland. At the time, there was no such concept – most of the world’s caraway was produced by Eastern European countries.

Starting from the scratch, the companies slowly and methodologically built the farmer network and perfected the processing plants. The only thing going for them was quality – the reputation of producing consistent quality year after another was slowly building up.
Today Nordic Caraway has earned the trust of the world market. The combination of quality raw material, innovative processing plants and focusing on one product has not failed them. Their dedication to a single, perfect seed has paid off.